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I see each post has been edited and locked; is there any point in locking this spam and not just deleting the posts straightaway?

And is there any way (Tony) of banning this feller?

Verschwindende wrote:
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This neversoft fellow . . .

That's exactly the reason I left them in place for Tony to see them and make a decision as to whether he wanted to remove the member from the DB which of course is possible, it's always possible to ban the ip, member, or delete them from existence, but that is an administrator function, which is why I sent Tony an e-mail drawing his attention to this person.

I removed the links to neutralize them and locked the posts out to prevent pointless postings, I fully expect the posts to be deleted shortly and if it had been a solitary one would have probably done so straight away but considered that the poster ought to removed in this instance.

Hugo :roll:

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This neversoft fellow . . .

Neversoft has been liquified.

Thanks for pointing it out.