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I just finished a site but unfortunately it is not showing as intended on Internet Explorer/PC and I am at my wits end.

I just found out about it and don't know the version of IE she is using.

It is showing fine on Safari, IE 5.2/Mac and Netscape Navigator 7.1/Mac.

Since I don't have a testing station (PC) I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from anybody knowing CSS/HTML and using a PC.

For some reason the text appears not in the text box, but instead underneath the nav bar. It is probably a float problem...

Any help appreciated.
Thank you so much!


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CSS problem: Internet Explorer on PC

Can you put up a version of the page with a wider (say +10px) #container & #content (and without the music Wink). I'll let you know how it looks.

Also the -ve margin top on #navi-bgr doesn't show up on IE6.

And I think its doldrums rather than doll drums. Smile