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Hi, there.
Need some help in CSS positioning =)
That's my first expirience with CSS. And I can tell you that it's quite hard =) Took me a lot of time to get what I got here: http://kazal.org/casaloca/

My question is:
How can I prevent content going out of screen size, when resizing the window?
I still want it (content) to be centered horizontally and vertically. Any help will be really apreciated...

web site here: http://kazal.org/casaloca/
CSS here: http://kazal.org/casaloca/css/mainpage.css

Washinton DC
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Washinton DC
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fixed width centered content div with auto margins

If you set a fixed width to the content div and set left and right margins to auto you can control stop the content from recentering to the visual space at a certain width, however you cannot stop the user from continuing to re-size the browser window.

I have worked with something similar in the past. Here's and example: http://www.thebownes.com/dennis/playground/centeredDivLayout/