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Do you think it would be possible to allow users to post sample layouts for us to view as well?

I mean, not my samples (I am still learning), but samples that are generated by csscreator then modified to achieve more advanced layouts or variations.
Or samples generated by the users of csscreator that could be made visible to others too to see what the forum post is talking about.

To avoid noise and using up too much of your storage, you could select what is worth publishing.

This would be a great addition, I think, to your site, and would allow us to learn even more.

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Posting sample user layouts?

Hi Marco,
Sure people can post sample layouts that they are working on in the site check area and many do.

When I started building the generator I was going to use a simple % width floated column design and thought most people like to have fixed width columns so looked around until I found the layout the generator now uses.

There are plenty of good layouts out there none are perfect for all situations or site designs, my layout generator just provides a simple way to put one very good layout together easily.

In the future, next time I get a spurt of motivation, I may add other layouts types to the generator.