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:oops: Warning: This is my first post on here! I'm very frustrated with the tables on my page. I've been working on them all day trying to fix them. I must be missing something really obvious (That's how it usually is with me.) Anyway I NEED YOUR HELP. Please visit http://staurophobic.blogspot.com You'll see that my photogallery - if you are using Internet Explorer - and about me are in a table. The table is a major mess and I would very much appreciate someone to view the source fix it and email it to me so I can see what I was doing wrong. My email is :!: :?:

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Please use this forum correctly or go elsewhere. We are here to help and nurture those starting out in CSS; not to 'fix up' people's sites for them on demand.

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Out of 1000 lines of code, you have 500 errors.

I really don't know where to start with you. I'm locking this to avoid a flame war.

Read the link roytheboy posted, and then repost your question, in the relevant forum (possibly CSS Layouts, or Beginners CSS). Try and stay away from the CAPITALS and the exclamation marks!!!!

Oh, and read this:


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