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Hello, just creating a website for a dental laboratory.


I need some tips as to what I could acheive to add a bit more spice to the page. I feel the text is looking a bit bland and am not to sure about the address on the right header at the top of the page. Any ideas or critics would be appreciated cheers

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Design Advice

Hmmmm - where to start? Okay, try these comments:

The picture looks depressing. If that's the surgery then show a picture of the staff smiling or something.

Look at the overall visual balance of the page. Where does the eye go? The two strongest elements are the main logotype and the Enigma logotype. Is this what you want? Try increasing the size of the main logotype and set it in a different colour to the rest of the site to make it stand out. It is the main branding device after all.

Give the header element a stronger presence through colour or tone in order to visually 'anchor' the page, and use the header for the key contact details, not the business name and the entire postal address as this can go along the foot or somewhere else. If you feel the need to add contact details to the header then the main things that the visitor would want to know are the road, town and telephone number.

Don't set the headlines and text so close to the keylines - give them room to visually 'breath'.

The menu text is difficult to read at a glance. Use a less decorative font and don't space the letters out so much.

HTH Smile

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My 2 cents...

Some things you could try.

On the Address issue:
There is a little to much there. Try removing Dresden and Staffs so it is not quite so cluttered.

welcometext could use a few px padding.

The different colours on the nav rollover are a bit confusing and the blue doesn't sit too well with the rest of the page.

Maybe 10px less white at the top?

On the Marketing side a catchy sales oneliner between the address and the logo might work. It looks a little like something is missing when the rest of the page is "filled in".

On the whole it looks like it'll be a modern, readable page that fits the way folk expect a webpage to be... when it's finished.


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Design Advice

I like your logo and the gradient colour where the address is. I personally don't think you need the address in there. too distracting and contact page is quite clear. maybe just the phone number?

everything looks cramped. maybe some padding around the txt and headings. the picture is depressing. as Roy said, how about a pic inside of the staff smiling Smile

the nav is a good idea, but the blue lines on the side are too dark for the scheme of your page. too brutal. possibly a lighter blue. and the changes halfway down to red and yellow and white(?) is odd and distracting. as a user I'm asking myself why some change and some don't. what's the difference etc. not sure, but would it look better with the txt on the buttons aligned left? and font a little difficult to read, bit blurry (although I do actually like it).

finally you've chosen a strict doctype which doesn't validate. I wonder if a transitional one would?

it's a good start and does have a good feel to it.


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Design Advice

Sorry . . . . :twisted:

The duff code is caused by using html4 like xhtml. The only thing you need to do is end all the tags . . . <br> become <br />, and meta tags must be closed with /.

Nice site though . . . although I think the denture tips box needs more padding, as do the headers (denture tips, featured products).

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