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hey guys, could i get some advice please....
there are two methods that I have tired to employ so that i am able to get the rounded corner effect.
The first is the nested divs and the second can be found here [].....

With the nested divs, I am able to get the image that i created in photoshop to appear on the corners. Unfortunately, it seems that I am not able to get rid of the original corner that was created by
"border: 1px solid #000000;. That is to say that both the image and the original border show.

here is an example of the topleft border -
<div class = "topLeft ">
<div class = "container">
<p>continer content</P>

Using the second method (found on the link above) i get the corners to show, but it seems that the rendering is poor. i.e. the image looks degraded....

if this explanation is not clear, i apologise; i am just extremely frustrated, been at this the whole day....
could someone please give some advice...
I am using firefox 1.0.2...
I am having the same problem with IE.