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Here on the CSS Forum we like to help you learn CSS and solve your website problems.
The best way to learn CSS is to have a go, experiment with different properties and try it out different browsers.

We get many of the same questions over and over again which can get a little tiresome.
So we have set up a How To section which will answer many of your questions before you have to ask.

If you are going to post make sure you have taken the basic steps outlined below to help yourself.
How to make it easier to help yourself and get help
Doctype - Having a valid doctype makes a difference.
Validate - Both your markup (HTML / XHTML) and CSS.
search - Try to find similar problems with solutions.
Try - Have a go at different ideas or suggestions. Usually it's quicker to try something out then to post and wait for an answer.

Remember we are here to help you or guide you, not do it for you Wink

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Re: Getting Help

Hercules and the Wagoneer

A delivery man was driving a wagon along a country lane, when the wheels sank down deep into a rut. 

The old driver, dazed and confused, stood looking at the wagon.  He did nothing but utter loud cries to Hercules to come and help him.

Hercules, it is said, appeared and thus addressed him: "Put your shoulders to the wheels, my man. Try with all your might to move the wagon back onto the road.  Never pray to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend upon it you will henceforth pray in vain."

Moral: Self-help is the best help.

Aesop Laughing out loud

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Getting Help

That was kind of strange. I feel dirty somehow. No, I get it. Neat angle on redirecting the over-eager and under-attentive. Smile


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Getting Help

I'm not sure comments were being sought on this post.

Tony should this not be made a 'sticky' at the top of each sub forum ?


Before you make your first post it is vital that you READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES!
Please post ALL your code - both CSS & HTML - in [code] tags
Please validate and ensure you have included a full Doctype before posting.
Why validate? Read Me