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I'm trying to adapt the following CSS layout example to have 3 fixed columns instead of the current two:


The bit I am mostly interested in is managing 3 fixed width columns next to each other. What is the best way to do this? Is it better to make them floats or to make them absolutely positioned, or any other method?


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3 fixed-column layout

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3 fixed-column layout

your question can most likely be answered in what you want to have happen dependent on different browser widths.

- if its narrower than your base design, should the window scroll horizontally or should one of the columns be placed below the others?

- if its wider, are you happy with lots of space on one or both sides of your design.

Floats do give you greater flexibility. But if you are happy with a fixed width design and horizontal scrolling, then position absolute is likely to be easier to get to work in more screen based browsers. But structure your html right and you can use either, potentially position:absolute for greater control on PC screen or printed layouts and floats for portable devices.