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Hi guys,

I created a couple of templates today. What do you these two templates?

These templates are available for download. FREE! Not validated yet.

Here are the two links to review:

1) http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=280


Dexter Zafra

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Which Template looks better?

Hm Oups
So why haven't you validated them yet ?

You have released these for public use, and yet you feel that it's ok to leave validation for another day.

If you had bothered to do as a good developer/designer would and check for errors as you coded you would have caught some glaring errors, in fact the first error doesn't need a validator to spot.

I'm sorry if you were looking for praise but your not going to find a great deal from the knowledgeable folk on this forum versed in semantic, web standards coding. if you wish to produce templates for people to use I think you have a duty to ensure that they are correctly coded and validate; there are a whole multitude of sites like this offering templates, the majority really not up to the job, don't add to them. sorry if this is all sound a bit harsh.

I would immediately withdraw these templates and fix them up.


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