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I spent a very long time making a website on Windows. I made it all with css. I went to a mac to see how it looks and the entire site is completely unreadable.

If anyone has a mac (or pc) and can view this site I would love any feedback or leads they could give me as to what the problem might be.

here is the link.


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what the?!?! looks fine on pc, but mac, whoa...

It's a nice thought to create a website with CSS in mind for the layout. However, there's another crucial component needed for this to happen: HTML or XHTML validation. This means that you need a doctype (you don't have one) and a willingness to follow the rules governed by the doctype you have selected (there are different ones to choose from). Please tend to these things before asking for help. In my opinion, help should be asked for only after the site validates. If you're having trouble reaching validation then it's ok to ask for help, but it seems you haven't begun this journey.

Here's a good place to start:


Please come back when you've cleaned up your code as I'm sure we'd all love to help you.