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Hello there,

My site is done and online!! Maybe you can have a look at it??


It has a few little bugs that I don't really understand. In IE the menu doesn't work as is should. The images in front of each menu item sometimes don't load?? it's really weird. I checked it on 3 different computers but they al do the same. Although the images work fine in FF. Anybody got a clou why this is??

Also in FF the layout is a little weird. The first time you load the site the div background doesn't estend to the bottom of the text as it should do. But when I refresh the page it does extend. Don't have a clou why it does this.

This is the first site I did with CSS so I don't really understand it all that well.

But when I stare a little at the site it looks a bit boring, don't you think? It's all a little straightforward... Any suggestions how to improve that?? It should look intimate.. Don;t really know how to accomplish this?? Maybe other colors or more images?

Any suggestions??

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Site is ready, looks boring, need help!!

EEK! The evil glowy eyed dog!!!! HELP! I'm having nightmares.


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Site is ready, looks boring, need help!!

Your site looks nice to me, not boring.

I checked it in Safari and Firefox on Mac. In Firefox there are a few anomolies.

On http://www.hondenuitlaatservicearnhem.nl/contact.php
The form is shifted all the way to the right and top-aligned with the main content on this page and covers up the navigation.

On http://www.hondenuitlaatservicearnhem.nl/prijzen_tijden.html
The Wandeltijden: text is shifted below the price list (?) and the navigation menu has dropped down (top aligned with the second line in the prices).

None of those phenomena are seen in Safari. When I clicked through the XHTML validation links on those pages they came up as non-valid.

Total newbie and purely amateur webmaster...