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hi all

i've been blogging for some time now at Their template pages are all based on css and i cant get any support replies from them... I've changed bits and pieces of the code, added some basic eye-catchers, but nothing too fancy.
Meanwhile i've been pumping images onto the main page and its becoming pretty unloadable! I figured a way around this but i dont have the know-hows.
Since the images are responsible for slowing it down so much i though maybe i could just load them into a frame or layer once the posts are expanded (have an expand/colapse script). Problem is all posts are encoded into the same model css and i would have to break this down in order to atribbute a single image to a single post... I have no idea how to do this. since this is more of on.load function than proper css styling i may be barking at the wrong tree here.
Though i would also appreciate it if you have any other suggestions on how to handle this.

On other matters, i'm considering just remaking the whole bloddy thing, but i would need a very good crash-course. Is there any place out there where i can learn how to design a page from scratch with css?

if u want to peek at the source-code it's here.