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Ok, this is mostly a site check but I'm also curious about a bug I can't seem to figure out.

http://www.gamehouse.com The code isn't completely validated yet, I have to wait for the backend guy to get back from vacation so he can make valid image tags etc. But please have a look and let me know if you have any problems/suggestions

The bug: Firefox. The nav bar disappears when navigating to this page http://www.gamehouse.com/bugform.jsp but when I refresh the nav reappears. Very confusing. It has some crazy javascript on the page (not exactly sure what it does), which might be the cause.

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gamehouse.com relaunch

I didn't see the error in FF 1.0.1. Overall, it's a good site. My only suggestion is that you might want to make your main logo on the top left hand side a little bigger. As it is, it gets lost with everything else that's on the page.

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