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I have a problem with browsers interpreting the layout differently.

To better explain, please take a look at the screenshots I took:
CSS-Probs.gif (31.5kb)

After looking at it, you will notice the first two are the same, or nearly so. That is the intended look. The last one (Mozilla 1.5) is not how it was supposed to show.

Now I know I can fix this problem by further tinkering with the number, but then in IE, it doesn't look like everything "fits".

Here is the actual file:

I could also fix the problem by detecting the browser and serving the proper style sheet, but I'd rather stick with one sheet.

Oh, and don't be disgusted by my site, SKITSO ¦ NET, I'm reforming it...doing away with tables almost entirely and giving it a classier design.

If you are wondering why I'm going to CSS when I have a site like that, well, I am a web designer...and XHTML / CSS is much more light weight than the high hundreds of lines required for tables in HTML...I'm looking at cutting the load time in half too, not to mention search engine optimization (I'm getting jipped right now, I should be getting alot of search engine traffic, I was just ignorant when I first created the site).

So, if you can help me out, please do so! I'd be real greatful!

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Layout Problem; Opera/IE = OK, Moz=Not

Hi Skitso,
If you change your doctype to:

<!DOCTYPE html  
     PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"  
you will throw the browsers into standards mode and have IE in the same mess as Mozilla then when you tinker with the numbers you should end up with the correct look in most browsers.

Hope that helps.