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Hi there!

I'm desining a new site from scratch and I though I might try on this CSS/div thingy. It does work great for me. I have no problems positioning stuff or getting divs to span 100% of the height.

The trouble I'm having is that I want to do the enitre site with css and not even frames, but keep the standard layout with a static top frame and 'main' frame beneath with all the content. The problem is that the main div streches it's height to match the content, not the available screen height. So the div will never scroll on it's own (the scrollbar in the browser kicks in). So when I scroll the top menu scolls along with the rest of the content.

I've tried with overflow:hidden, auto, scroll and so on but to no use. The layout is like this.

<div (container, height:100%; overflow:hidden)>
<div (top, height:200px;>[top-content])></div>
<div (main, height:100%; overflow:auto;>[main-content]</div>

But the main content keeps stretching the height of the main div. I need it to be 100% so it will adjust to different resolutions and I don't want to use javascripts to manage the layout. Does anyone know a solution to this?