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I have made this site and dreamweaver is giving me warnings about netscape navigator 4.0 and IE 5.0. Can someone check them and see if they look the same as in firefox or a newer ie?

I'll attach them to this message since I have no host at the moment.
The image should not work but is everything in place?

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Will someone check this site in IE 5.0 and/or Netscape 4.0

Hi Coder101

I can't see any substantial difference in IE or FF. However, your site lacks sufficient content to be able to gauge this effectively. My suggestion would be to start with an empty page and get the layout right by deciding where the menu should go, where the nav buttons should go, the corpus text, the footers etc etc, also taking into account dimensioning and coloration, before placing in any content.

Your ul#Submenu li a:hover styling has an additional padding, making the button move to the right for this event. Is this intentional?

Hope this helps