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Everything is fine on both IE and Mozilla but one problem occurs.


In mozilla, if you have to scroll the page, the 100% height cuts off where you start scrollin from and in order for it to extend down the page, the window has to be full opened but it wont be able to do that on lower resolutions. Any suggestions?

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Site on Mozilla

Not quite fine, two problems, firstly you could do with a DTD in the page to switch browsers to 'Standards Mode' if you want browsers to follow the CSS specs and then you'll need to look at how your using the height rules as at the moment they could cause problems Mozi will fix height at 100% not expand with content and is usual to use min-height 100% and height auto, whilst IE is happy with height:100% as it will expand contents so the rules have to be kept separate with filters. Of course you may want the height fixed but it is essential that you work with a DTD to ensure standards compliance especially for a web design company writing CSS/XHTML .


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Site on Mozilla

Just a quickie.

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