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I feel some deja vu on this question- I think I've asked this type of thing before. Apparently I'm thick-headed Wink

I'm using Gallery for my photo album. It's powerful but requires a lot of configuring in my opinion. Gallery uses tables to display thumbnails (naturally), and I'm having a problem because (with my layout) the tables are in a right-aligned div.

At first, the use of tables was causing all the right-side content to jump below the left-side menu. With some advice from you guys (some time ago) I solved the problem by adjusting the table width from 100% to 99%. Unfortunately, as seen in this BrowserCam (pictures 13-24), IE5 and 5.5 are still dropping the right-side content below the left-side menu.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this?

Edit: I've attached the CSS file

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Possible box model issue?

Hi KnightWolf,
I don't have easy access to IE5 so can't really test out any ideas.
Looking at the source and stylesheet the menu is floated but the content is relative.
What you may like to try is positioning the content absolutely.

Hope that helps.