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I found a little information on this subject but it was lacking so I will ask my specific question here, hopefully it is easy.

I am using firefox now instead of just supporting ie.

My issue is with table cell alignment. I used to use align and v-align properties but those do not work in firefox.

I am using text-align and also vertical-align.

Both I can get left/top and middle/center but when ever I do bottom or right the block is rendered in the next cell. (down or to the right)

I read on here that the issue might be the use of div's, stating that I have to use span. however I was wondering if there is a way to use div and to fix this issue.


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Alignment in table cells

show us a link or some code you allready have, maybe then someone can help you more specifically.


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Alignment in table cells

I am using firefox now instead of just supporting ie.

That's the way to do it!

As rbolwerk has said, we really need to see the code to help you.

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