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I used the CSS Creator to make the original style for this page. I edit and upload w/ DreamWeaver.

i use firefox (hehe... of course) and everything seems to work as i want it there, but IE is doing something weird.

please use IE to take a look at

on the left of the page, you see "manage your subscriptions here"

when you place the mouse over the hyperlink on the word "here"
the contents of <div id="footer" > part of the page jumps up into and over top of the main content part of the page.

suggestions for that fix?

i'd also like your feedback on the general layout, please.
(i realize that the "boulder font" idea doesn't really work... i'd appreciate a suggestion for my "style3" to make it stand out better w/out trying to use that font)

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Unexpected Behavior on mouse over - IE only?

Replace your style3 declaration in HTML document with this one:

.style3 {
font: 12pt/12pt Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: Boulder

Best regards, Robert