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I am working on a site that is created using a combination of CSS and tables. Most of the pages appear exactly how they should. That is until a lot of text is added to the body.

When that is the case, the cell that contains the menu stretches. It is very perplexing because both of the affected areas are defined in CSS.

Can someone take a look to see what I am (apparently) missing?

Here is a link to a "good" page - http://vipervolleyball.net/pages/tournaments/12.htm. As you notice the menu is close to the image on the left and the header area is small.

Now the page that I am having trouble with - created from the same template, mind you. http://vipervolleyball.net/pages/tryouts.htm
Here's the CSS, if it helps . http://vipervolleyball.net/css/main.css

Any help would be appreciated.


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Troubles with a menu combining css and tables...

Well the "good" page was not found, so I could not see the difference, not that I know much. Laughing out loud

Good to see another from San Antonio here!

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Troubles with a menu combining css and tables...

douglasjrasor wrote:
Well the "good" page was not found
He added a period after the url. Remove it to see the page. Smile