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Hi everyone!

I am asking a hypothetical question here...and if any of you think a solution is possible (using css & javascript), then please share code!

I want to have all of my left-menu links defined to be a different color than other links on the rest of the page. Easy enough using simple CSS classes. But I also want to change the color of one of the left-menu links based on the page I am viewing.

Example: If I go to the home page, I want the "Home" left-menu link to be black, instead of red. However, I want this to be automated using javascript or something, so that the browser would see that I am currently viewing "index.html" (the Home page), and so that specific link should be black, not red. Similarily, if I visit the "Contact" page, because I am viewing contact.html and the link is "contact.html" in the menu, I want that link to be black, not red.

Make sense? Is this possible?



P.S. I'm thinking in theory here.... if I set a variable in the [head] of each page declaring the current url (example: index.html, contact.html), then couldn't we also have a javascript that compared the link's href value to that declared variable, and if they were equal, set the link's class accordingly?

Help! I'm wallowing in the theoretical here!

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Using CSS & Javascript to change a link based on it's UR

Don't need javascript... give each page a body id
simple little example:

/* Set current page menu highlight */
body#page2 a#page2nav,
body#page3 a#page3nav
{color: #f00;cursor:text;font-weight:bold;}

then in the html:
<body id="page2">
<a href="#" id="page2nav">Page 2</a>
<a href="#" id="page3nav">Page 3</a>