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I am having a few problems with my print.css

Here are my specs.

-Website for Corporate intranet
-Windows based machines with IE being the primary/only browser
-could not achieve this layout with <divs> Sniffle... so I am back to a tabled structure mixed with Divs.
-Contribute will be used to update this site so I use ID selectors whenever I have a value that I do not want to appear in the styles for contribute (contribute does not support ID selectors, only class selectors)

Here are my problems (besides mental) Smile

1. I want to print a different image for the header than on the normal site. Currently called #hdr in both css files. For some reason my css does not find it. Header_print.gif and header.gif are the 2 files.

2. I have color tables on the main site but they do not print in color as I would like in the print version. How can i get them to print in color (or at all).

Here is the link to my dev site.


and my css files are (ignore the tree menu magic p7tmbasic.css file)


Images are here:


This is my first site that I have developed a print stylesheet for. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

-Karl Diffenderfer

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print problems

Your problems seem to stem from the incorrect div positioned after the table tag which also does not appear to be closed. you either want to set that div properly with the other header div or add the id to the existing one; in the style sheets use display none to hide the divs/ rules you don't need.
The color question is usually controlled from the UA, backgrounds/images turned on or off from within the print setup.

It may be an idea to run the page through the validator and clear up the errors reported.


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but that did not seem to work. Neither the misplaced <div> tag being moved to the inside of the <td> tags nor hunting through my printer properties.

I did check this on another system as well. If it were only applied to this computer then I would be more inclined to go with your idea of it being the printer properties.

Any other ideas on how I can get this stuff to work?

1. Tables in color
2. Header image printing

Thanks for all your help Hugo