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No matter what I do, I seem to have a pixel of scrolling space at the bottom of the page.

Im also well aware that in older browser, most of this isn't even supported, thats fine with me. Just as long as it breaks down nicely so the user can still follow the links to find what they are looking for.

So I guess my questions are......
Any suggestions to fix the height "hiccup"? and if you look at in in Net 4.78 it starts to break down. Is there a way to arrange my items in the code so it breaks down in a more logical order? Or...is there a way to have my two header images NOT show up in older browsers, so its a text only page??

Thank for any suggestions!!!

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Height problem and older browser question.

Hi pghjezebel,
If you bring the height of left and middle down to 98% the scrolling disappears.

Hope that helps.