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Can someone please explain to me why there is a system and whenever the particular User wants to send a mail,it says" error on page" but when another user try to send the same mail,it goes and the particular user go to another system to send the mail ,it goes.
The error on page only occurs with the User of that system while on her system.While trying it elsewhere,it doesnt display the error on page.
What could be the likely cause and its solution.

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error on page help

Welcome to the csscreator forum bunmi829,

To be honest I can't see that the question you pose has much relevance to the use of CSS ( for which this forum exists to answer questions on) and I'm afraid from your description it's hard to establish what the problem may be other than a problem with this particular users system.
It may help, if you wish help on this, to re-post with a little more precise detail on the events that are occurring and the 'systems' in use.

In the meantime I shall move this topic to the 'Off topic' section.


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error on page help

If it only happens on one system then it's guaranteed to be a problem with that system.

Probably a setting is wrong - Javascript, cookies, something like that.

Or they may have a virus or spyware.

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