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Hi there,

I have a bit of a problem on a recent project .. I've been asked to do some updates on a fairly large site (with no less than 9 stylesheets!). So far the only browsers to render the site faithfully are IE, Mozilla 1.4 and Opera 7... on a PC.

Netscape 6 (still on PC) produces tables with white margins and I don't even want to mention what Macs and IE 5 do for the site!
If you're lucky enough to have an IMac then OSX with the latest IE works fine.. but that's about it!

Any help or advice would be most appreciated... the Netscape bug is probably the easiest fixed.. but I still can't trace the problem - help!!


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Site falls apart in Netscape and Macs

Hi Paul,
Sorry for the slow reply, but having all those style sheets is a bit daunting.
Here are some browser cam screen shots.
IE 5 Mac isn't looking too bad, you may have fixed it Cool and the Netscape 6 issue may be as simple as white space in the table.

Hope that helps.