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www.cianflonestudio.com -- its a very simple site and I would love any feedback on the look and feel and how it works in different browsers....basically....let me know what you think of it and if there is anything else I should do....oh....none of the links work....that is really just a mock up of my ideas

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Review Time

Hi, Joseph
The html doesn't validate.
But aside from that, the site renders the same in IE6/Win, FF1.0, Mozilla 1.6, Netscape 7.1. In Opera 7.21 there is only a single line height between 'blog' and 'currently reading'.

Width rendering is fine at 1024x768, at 800x600 it looks a bit squashed and the left div seems to be held open only by the image. Anything above 1024x768 in maximised screen makes the text 'The Magician's Nephew' wrap around the image to give image and 'The' on line one and 'Magician's Nephew' on line two. This won't affect many viewers but is indicative of the structure, perhaps, in that I suspect you intended The Magician's Nephew to be centered under the image.

One little aesthetic issue - the headings Site Links, Currently Reading etc are right against the left of the div. A bit of padding on these and a consequent change in the links list to maintain the indent, would make it look better.

All done in Windows - didn't get my PowerBook for Christmas Sad