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Does anyone know why a large CSS file would cause slow performance on IE 5.x? I am working a site that has 99% of it's presentation defined in the CSS. The CSS file 19.5K in size. I've read a few tips on how to make the CSS file more efficient, but I think that the problem may be browser based. I'm wondering if it woudl helpt ot break the CSS out into multiple files. The site renders very quickly on IE 6.x, but loads slowly on IE 5.x. In IE 5.x, the pages text loads, and then the presentation gets applied several seconds later. And, it makes no difference if you've already been browsing pages on the site (it's as if the client browser is redownloading the same CSS on every page of the site).

Thanks for reading this and for any help that you can provide!

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Large CSS File Causing Slow Page Render on IE 5.x but not IE

Hi reverett,
Check the browser cache setting for IE5. I don't think there should be any difference in load times unless its a cache issue.
You could try splitting up the css file and give
Web Page Analyzer or Net Mechanic a try for suggestions.