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This doesn't work in netscape, could anyone let me know what's wrong with my javascript? And also, do you see the "hidden" (inside a style="display:none" div) iframes at the bottom of the page?

Here is the link:


click on the tabs and see if indeed the divs do change.

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can someone check this in IE for the Mac, Safari

Works in IE6/WIN and Opera only - doesn't work in any of the Gecko-type standards compliant browsers. Didn't try the Mac ones.

Validate your html file - the first result answers your question about Javacsript and there are several other items that need addressing. Your css file doesn't validate either.

You're not using a wysiwyg editor are you? Shock

The following comments may be of interest. I am quoting in full because they are perhaps the most important part of a huge and convoluted thread that can be found at http://www.csscreator.com/css-forum/ftopic7142.html (only the brave should view).


Re the question of software such as DW the problem with these sorts of programmes is that they attempt to give the impression that they are whats necessary for creating web pages and tend to draw in people
new to coding. WYSIWYG often has problems and tends to mangle code and produce misleading results I would never trust to a preview in this mode, the number of times that you here people say that it "looked fine in preview, but broke when I checked in a browser" is endless; I would only ever consider a check in a browser to be the valid rendition of a page after all this is the medium that is going to display your code, check in the browser first not the editor, it's simple enough to have a browser running and refresh to check your changes
The other worry that I have with programmes like DW is that they cause you to spend time getting comfortable with a proprietary interface when the time really would be better spent learning the discipline of hand coding , which after all is not that hard once you apply yourself and there is no better way of learning than to get down and dirty with the core of your code.
When you write a line of code yourself rather than click on something that inserts a pre-written snippet of code you will tend to learn and remember far more.

As for writing CSS it's a simple text based system all you really need is a text editor like 'Notepad open and linked to your page then any changes you make to the style sheet file are but a browser refresh away. I personally can't see how an editor can really produce CSS for you I can see that it can write basic style rules but working with CSS is far more than just writing basic spec rules you have to know how to deal with browser anomalies hacks, filters these are the sort of things that an editor isn't going to understand and you will find that you have to fall back on manual tweaking of any files it may produce, so far better that you start manually from scratch really .

At the end of the day I would always say that in terms of using editors it's better to stick to the sort that just extend the functionality of a text editor which color highlighting, syntax checking etc, rather than the big bloated programmes that confuse by giving there own names to certain positioning techniques ('Layers' ??) and that attempt to hold your hand too much ,slowing down your own understanding.

CSS easy ? well it was meant to be intuitive but sadly the browser manufacturers put paid to that notion and left us with a situation where we have to cope with hacking the code around to obtain compatible results, but the more you work with it the easier it becomes.


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can someone check this in IE for the Mac, Safari

As Lorraine has mentioned you really need to validate your code as it is chock full of errors, but before you do that you need to put a complete DTD in the page as the one at present is missing the url and switches browsers into 'Quirks Mode' with it's associated problematic CSS rendering, this may also have some bearing on problems you may be encountering.
This link explains some of the reasons why it's important to validate:



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problems with Safari & Mac IE

Safari behaves as if there is an absolutely positioned object over the tabs, so links do not work.

Mac IE uses the links but the cursor is an I-bar instead of the normal hand for links.

In case you are still wrestling with this.