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I volunteer at a place called Advance! , a nonprofit organization that provides free college counseling, and I put up a rather bland website for them with my limited HTML/Dreamweaver/Photoshop skills, and have begun re-doing it. I'm actually better with Photoshop than I am with anything else apparently. Anyhow...

I've got an example of how I want the website to look & function, but need help turning it into a CSS. Can someone PLEASE take a look at what i've done and code it into a CSS for me? That would be wonderful!!

Basically I want everything to be centered. In the middle, up top, should be the logo, underneath the menu, & underneath that the picture of the leaves, all flowing together. I don't want anything to repeat, i just want it to look like that, but I have no idea where to start.

God, i've been looking at CSS tutorials for the past few hours and now i have a pounding headache. Crying