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i need a tutor for xhtml to possibly help me ova msn or create a guide for me i really need help i no most html but now i need xhtml thanx.

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(X)HTML probs i need a tutor for xhtml

XHTML is basically the same as HTML with are few differences

make sure you know which elements and attributes are deprecated and you should be fine

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(X)HTML probs i need a tutor for xhtml

dragontai - as with your request for CSS help, you can also find plenty of tutorials for XHTML on the web, including this one at the same site as the other link I gave you >


This too is a good website >


...you just type in the words you want help with and related webpages are returned in a list for you. Just like karinne explained :roll:

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(X)HTML probs i need a tutor for xhtml

Dragontai - you've posted 4 times and already are on my nerves.

Here's a few things to help you here:

1) Use proper grammar. Punctuate your sentences. Use proper spelling. Don't talk in txt-speak. This is the internet, not a mobile phone.

2) Stop asking us for help that you can find in two seconds on Google. It would probably have taken you longer to write that post than it would have to go alt+d, google, ctrl+enter, 'xhtml tutorials'.

3) Say please. Tsk tsk, young kids these days, no manners.

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