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Well, my site, http://www.btkdesigns.com is a real pain to convert to css.

The whole header of my page was built in Fireworks, and dealing with all the images and divs is giving me problems.

I have done a test so far at http://www.btkdesigns.com/div.htm

I was going to leave it at tables and just add css elements, but I want the full overhaul, for my own benefit and knowledge. I know its going to be a bumpy road, but Im up for it, I just need a *nudge* in the right direction. Can someone take a look and offer their advice on what I need to start with to get that page to be CSS and DIVS and appear the exact same as it does now.


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Newbie to the site, trying to convert table site to css

Hi Bryan,
I see you have set padding to 0 for the images, you should also remove margin from the images.
img{margin:0;} That should bring the images together.

Remember padding is inside the box and margin is outside.

Hope that helps

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Newbie to the site, trying to convert table site to css

I think the problem is with white space in between the IMG tags. Carriage returns, spaces, tabs, etc. all add a space in the page...so if you want no spaces between IMGs that are laid out horizontally, you have to have the tags so that they are like "<IMG ...><IMG ...>" with no space or enters between the > and <.

FYI, you can usually see a bunch of extra spaces on the page due to carriage returns when you go to Edit > Select All.