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Many apologies for this being posting being off-off topic.

My company is looking for one or more CSS/theme designer for a new free-to-view news portal that we are looking to launch by the end of January.

The new site will focus on activities on the public sector IT and eGovernment markets (not that this will mean much to many here!) and is based in the UK.

My company is migrating its current website away from its MS/Sql Server/ASP based platform to an open source system based on Drupal/MySQL.

We are looking for designers to create templates and themes for a number of microsites within the main site we will be setting up.

Ideally any designer will have knowledge of the constraints of Drupal, but other than that creativity is the main thing we are looking for.

Obviously this would be a paying job.

Please email me at tt @ egovmonitor dot com

Thanks and once again apologies for posting off-topic