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Greetings to the reader.

For a web project I'm working on there is a form that contains multiple radio buttons. Now, each radio button should be represented by a image that represents the 'answer' the radio button should give on a question. Think of the old forms you filled in as a kid. I.E.: "What did you think of that ice cream" and then you'd get a bunch of smileys like so: Sad :? Laughing out loud the state of the emoticon representing how strong you felt about something.

Anyways, long story short: I don't want the standard radio buttons to appear on screen. I have managed to use .GIF images to alter the appearance of standard buttons and text fields, however doing so with radio buttons appears to be impossible.

I've searched the web and tutorials but the best I can do is changing the background colour of a radio button, which isn't really what I want do.

Someone mentioned that a JavaScript could help me out here. So here comes the question, anyone ever done such a thing before or has some pointers towards scripting this ?