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hey guys, i normally try looking for the answers on sites that normally have ppl asking these type of questions, but, i cant find the answer, thing is, im sure its somewhere out there, im just getting behind schedule.

ok point is, i know most of us have seen those flash adds that have a transparent background and sit on top of the html, not arround it like i was able to get it, i was told that i should try using css, but i have no clues as to where to start.

like i said, i already have the flash bg transparent, i just need to set it so that it can have th page under it

please help

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flash on top of html

Well, assuming your flash is going to be transparent when placed over the HTML, you probably want to use position:absolute on the flash object, or on a DIV element surrounding it, and set the top: and left: values appropriately.

So, you'd have something like:

   #flashThing {

   <div id=flashThing>
      ...flash reference goes here...