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Hi all,

Thanks for this great forum. I've been doing HTML for years, but am fairly new to pure css design. I did the css and html for a corporate site recently, and used a hybrid approach, with a container table and all the appearance code in the css.

I need to add drop downs to the top navigation bar, which is currently in a table. I'd love to use the sucker fish menus, since they're so clean. However, as far as I can tell, they require nested unordered lists, and I don't see how I can recreate this menu using lists, for two reasons. One, the design has to be liquid. And two, there's a small drop shadow type image to the right of each navigation element. Please see the image below.

I think I'm probably out of luck, and will be stuck using a dHTML menu. But, if any of you gurus have an idea of how I might incorporate those images, and keep it liquid, please give me a hint.

Many thanks in advance.