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I didn't know quite where to post this because it entails layout and style and critique so "mods" feel free to move if necessary.

Been playing around with trying to make a design that has a little more "flair" than my normal "blocky" css designs. I found a couple of real nice menus from Stu Nicholls excellent site that I have incorporated..

So I would like comments on what I've done so far... so I know whether or not to continue on with this design..all that is there is the masthead and the two menus..
Please bear in mind that our colors are red,black,gray... not the most easy to use combinations for the web Smile

I am curious as to whether the design so far looks OK to you as far as colors etc.. and which of the two menu styles(if either) you think works best for the layout.

I have yet to figure out how to get the left side menu to look correctly in IE so please base your comments using FF