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An idea.

For people who doesn't define a width to the content of their site (ie suited for 800x600), with only margins to have a little space on each side of the window, it could be good idea to have max-width on the body tag in case a visitor width a large resolution set, like 1600x1200, visits your site.

Say for example, max-width:1550px; (or less) in the body tag so that people who have a resolution more than 1600x1200, won't have the problem of very loooong lines of text if the font is set to 16px/100%/medium or lower.

The amount of people using 1600x1200 isn't that large, and if they do, they have probably already solved it themselves by using 120 ppt instead of 96 ppt, but it's a minute addition, so why not?