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I found a template here:

It perfectly fits my needs, with the slight diference that I need to be able to put the left and right column together into a container in order to multiply this container downwards.

In other words, in the left column I like to place a question. In the right column starting on the same hight I like to place the answer, which is sometimes much longer than the question. As soon such a "Q/A-block" is finished, a next one follows with the same scheme; first line left and right starting on the same hight and so on.

Now the first container with my Q/A-block needs to start on 150px from top, means it has to be absolute. The rest just follows underneath.

If somebody can show me the concept of how to put the colums into my container, I'm shure to be able to adapt it do my design. A glimpse of it can be seen here:

Many thanks for help!