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consider a div with an image inside it floated to the left, followed by a bunch of text.. the text would flow around the image... now consider another image floated to the right at the end of all the text. This second image however will be postioned such that it sticks out the bottom of the text block. Does anyone know how you can make the image align to the baseline of the text, and have the text flow around it on the top and the left, much the same as how the left floated image has the text flowing around the right and the bottom ?

check out the attachment, in IE


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how to float an image right with text wrapping around it

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how to float an image right with text wrapping around it

If you continue to add text after that right aligned image, it will flow around it just like you want. It all depends at what point you float the image. If the image is the last thing in the paragraph and it is floated right, then it will be at the end of the text. If you want the text to flow around it, then you have to position the image before the end of the paragraph