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Is there a way to style table in the following manner with CSS?

I want to define individual properties for each column of a table. i.e. Same bgcolor, padding, alignment. This, to me , seems problematic. It would be easier to style whole rows than whole columns because rows are contained in the same <tr> tag, while columns are not.
The only alternative I can think of (which I'd like tog et away from) is setting a unique class for each <td> cell that comprises the column.

Is there any other way to do this?

BTW (my table is for tabular data, not layout!) Laughing out loud

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Styling Tables effectively

Unless you want to set the column cells individually, I'd use a script to do the dirty work. See this table. The basic table was built with PHP/Mysql (this page is the static output), and is dynamic in the client by way of javascript. Click on a column header to see the column change color. Don't ask for help on the script Wink, where js is concerned, I'm a cut and paste kinda guy.



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