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Im doing a project at college so excuse the shoddy nature. I wont have to make it compliant with other browsers but I dont like the way its not. It all stems from the centering layers problem and Ive had a lot of trouble (redone this several times, spent hours on it). I know you can use javascript to center layers easily with dreamweaver (with an extension) but I wanted to code it properly. However its been a huge challenge for me since this is my first CSS site and it works and is 100% css and html comp, but its totally wrong in opera! I dont have enough time to start again, but is there any small fixes?


Also can people try other browsers as im sure itll be buggered in them too. Sad

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Re: Sites totally borked in Opera and prolly others

eyeronik wrote:
Also can people try other browsers as im sure itll be buggered in them too. Sad

Tried it in FireFox 1, Opera 7.51, Internet Explorer 5, Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6. Each renders it differently.

I suppose, you'd want to have the IE 6 version of it, it's the one I'd prefer...

The nesting of your boxes doesn't work out. Did you read about the box model hack yet? I'm not experienced enough regarding css to be sure that will help, still it might be worth a try.

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Sites totally borked in Opera and prolly others

At the moment this layout breaks badly in Firefox and most likely any other compliant browser.

I would have a look at the #srcn div that your using as it is the main culprit for the problems your seeing, you may want to check out some guides on min- height/ height 100%

mezzoblue Min-height fixed

Quirksmode 100% height

Be careful with your floats it looks like your playing with fire, there are a lot of them and your using quite a bit of margining both negative and positive.

Try to always code in a browser like FF as you will have far less to fix up; IE has given you a false sense of security, remember that it breaks a lot of layout rules esp with regard to containing floats.

In the html there are some errors where you are specifying bgcolors
without the # before them.


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