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I'm using CSS edges with different colors for each side of a cell

::sighs:: i know we all hate tables but this is about color

anyways, heres the css for the colors:

border-color: #191970 #003366 #003366 #003366;

coloring is top/right/bottom/left...duh Smile

and my border style is set to outdent which changes the colors up abit... now I would like to know by how much exactly outdent modifies the color of the right and bottom border so that I can use that color in some other areas. I've tried using colormania's eyedropper to grab the color through rgb value... but it doesnt look the same on other computers.... looks quite off actually...

anyhow, any help would be appreciated... graci!

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Effect of outdented borders on their color

I think you'll find that 'outdents', like form buttons and input fields, are determined by the particular browser in use at the time. You might be better off sticking to plain colours that you can match.

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Effect of outdented borders on their color

Your border style is set to outdent? You mean outset?

I think the color will vary depending on the browser you're using. For example on a 10px outset border with the colors of the borders set to the way you have them...

IE 6 actually has two colors for each border to give it an "outset" look. The top border #191970 and #121254. Right and bottom borders #0C1919 and #193333. The left border #254C4C and #336666.

Firefox 1.0 just has one color for each border. Top border #BABAD4. Right and bottom border #1D3939. Left border #C1D1D1.

It may be different on other OSes, I didn't test that. Just checking two browsers on the same OS you can see that it's going to cause you problems if you want to pick colors depending on the colors that outset creates.

You may want to make your own border with an image program and use that. Make your own "outset" border and then use those colors. It might be the only way to do it and have it work across all browsers. That or skip using outset and go with something like solid, dashed, dotted, or any border style that doesn't change the color of your border.