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I've created the design of If you look at the code, you'll see that the design still has a few problems:

1. Despite all my efforts, I couldn't get rid of the table around the main content. The problem here: I need an element which filles the whole width (no matter how wide the content is; otherwise the background image will be cut) plus one which has a min-height. min-height is not supported by enough web browsers (maybe it will be in five years), so how do I achieve the same effect with div's?

2. The same applies to the link menu to the left which can grow infinitely but must not shrink below a certain threshhold.

3. When you look at the list at the bottom of that page, then I've used the "great" CSS trick to replace the dots with images - unfortunately, the images are higher than some paragraphs; especially when you have a large screen like I do. Again, min-height is missing.

I'm looking for a solution with these properties:

- Pure XHTML with CSS. No JavaScript.
- Must look OK on Mozilla 1.4+, IE5+, NS7+, Opera6+ and Konqueror
- Must be readable everywhere else

Thanks a lot,