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I have been designing webpages for several years now and have a programmer's background. In programming there is - particularly for novices - the hazard of endless loops. What is the fundamental reason that browsers always seem to display a finite page? However the page is constructed, it never leads to an indefinite scrollable page. Eg, if I repeat my background image, it will display it only as often as is required by, for instance, body text. What design decision has lead to this?

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Something I've always wondered

good question... i'd like to hear if anyone has an answer. i as well am a developer recently getting into design, and i can make an infinite page all day long with php, but what is the reason for limiting repeats to the area in which they are called?

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Something I've always wondered

Hi technossomy,
I would guess that it is the default style settings of the HTML or body tags.
One of them could be set with overflow: visible; and an initial height equal to the browser viewpoint.
That way the height of the page should only expand to fit the content.