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i have a weird problem with a stylesheet for printing on one of my pages. Th
e page is here:

There is some "hidden" info on the page that shows up when a visitor clicks
the links in the left-hand margin. The hidden info then pops up on top of th
e page to display driving directions to the location selected.

the driving directions display 2 html buttons on screen: one to close the "w
indow" and the other to print the directions.

i have some css so that the "print directions" button "hides" everything on
the page except for the directions and the site banner. everything works pre
tty well...

except that I'm having trouble w/ text at the right margin getting cut off o
n some of the pages (Johnstown, in particular). I can't understand this at a
ll. i started w/ a "width:auto" , then went to defining left and right margi
ns. that works for most of the pages, but not for Johnstown or Uniontown lin
ks. I think the text should be able to wrap w/o any explicit margin settings