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The default font for a website I'm developing is "Saturday Sans ICG" ... many user however don't have this ... and the alternatives in my list are very disimular in size.

Therefore, I need to select 1em size of main font, otherwise 1.3em ... actually 1 of the other fonts needs to be like 2em !!!!

Help, I have no idea how to accomplish this one.

I wich CSS supported fmaily-size pairs, e.g.

font-family-size:" 'saturday sans icg', 1em ", " verdana, 1.3em " .....

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Rochester, NY / Chicago, IL
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Selecting font size depending on the font ????

Help me out guys.

The new attribute selectors in CSS2 I believe(?) can do this, but someone more versed in currently un-supported CSS standards will have to provide the tech details... Wink