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Hi guys
Can anyone tell me why the navigation in this site is rendering strangely in mozilla and netscape.
Each list element is supposed to have a 1px border underneath it but you will notice that they are not all being shown.
The other problem I am having is the positioning of the address bar at the bottom.
In IE it looks ok but is out of place in the others.
1 final question...
In IE5/5.5 the issue of the div size and padding is raised as the divs are not displaying correctly.
Any thoughts on this.
Thanks for any help!

Leeds, UK
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Mozilla/Netscape browser check - border issues


I think the missing borders problem is due to the Mozilla browser's susceptibility to rounding errors - http://www.positioniseverything.net/round-error.html - the background of the other items is overlapping the borders when the browser converts your em heights to pixels. Try applying the base background color to the ul rather than the individual li links, your borders should pop back

Not sure about the footer, although I would say that in Firefox it's positioned exactly where I'd expect it to be- 138px away from the edge, starting where the 138px leftcontainer leaves off. The real question is why it's not in the same position In IE....