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Ok, I'm using the WYSIWYG FCK Editor on my site as it's content managed. However, I don't seem to be able to get it styled right when it comes to ULs.

What I want to do is have it so a user can add a UL, and as they're literally pressing enter (which takes them to the next LI behind the scenes) I was hoping it would add my appropriate image as the dot style. When you click save it works perfectly, and yet in the Wysiwyg I can have my H1, H2, P and everything else styled as the user types.

My question therefore is, do you think things like list items only get added when a UL is completed and not when a UL is being written? Does CSS do things like add images as it reads new items? Or is it at rendering only?

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Hell if I know, but here's

Hell if I know, but here's what I thought:
I'm making a list,
a list
a list
and when I hit enter
how do you know
if my list is done
and I'm starting the next non-list test
or still writing a list?

Code-wise, how does your editor know a newline is


instead of



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Sounds like a limitation of

Sounds like a limitation of FCKEditor (or the way you've configured it) because I know that if I create a list in TinyMCE and then hit return, it'll add new list items until you type enter twice. And if your stylesheet is linked up to the editor properly, it'll show whatever custom images you've set up.

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Or update your FCK Editor to

Or update your FCK Editor to the latest version - http://ckeditor.com/
They rebuilt the whole system to work better.

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